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  • What to wear under waders?

    I know this is going to sound really stupid but bear with a newbie of sorts. What do you guys typically wear under your chest waders? I see listings for bid overalls but you put your waders over these, do you? I normally wear blue jeans but on cold days, it does get a bit cold.

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    Typically your bibs are for hunting in the fields. I've worn everything from shorts, sweats, fleece and jeans inside waders. When it gets really cold a pair of fleece wader pants with stirrups are the ticket. Try this link to the Avery fleece wader pants.


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      Outhouse- I assume you are talking about cold weather clothing under your waders??
      Here is what I do in cold weather-
      Bottoms- Avery polypro longjohns. They weigh next to nothing, breath, and are very warm. Most importantly, they breath so that you dont get all sweaty in your walk in to the blind. Over them, I usually wear winter weight military BDU's. On top of that, if cold enough, A pair of goretex rain pants.
      Top- Underarmor COLDGEAR, followed by microfleece turtleneck, and lastly Avery polypro longjohn top. I almost never put on a coat until we are done setting out decoys, as it makes me sweat, and therefore makes me cold.
      The pants Troy mentioned work well too, but because I have the wrong size, I dont wear them as much.
      On the subject of staying warm- Pick up that Avery neoprene hand warmer. You can clip the thing right to your waders, so its never lost, always handy.


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        I'm obviously not a pro-staffer....but UNDERARMOUR COLD GEAR is the ticket!!!! That stuff is incredibly warm and keeps you dry (wicks moisture away from your skin - sweat, a little leak in the waders, etc.). I bought a set this year and works and it works well. If it is really cold...throw a set of the Avery fleece wader pants and shirt on...ummm...toasty and dry!!!!!

        Just my .02. I hope I didn't step on anyone's toes by replying.



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          Fleece wader pants are the best thing going and make sure you have the ones with stirrups to keep them from riding up. I wear a wadertec 3/4 fleece pullover from Drake on top and the combo works perfect.


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            Cabela's Military Weight PolarTec Power Stretch Union Bib and Fleece Jacket:

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