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  • Single reed vs. Double reed

    I have been looking for a good quality duck call and have narrowed it down to the 2 Zink duck calls, the XR-2 and the Power Hen. I am just wondering what the main differences are between double reeds and single reeds. Is one for more advanced callers? Is one louder than the other? I have a double reed right now and am pretty good with it but I want to know I am making the right decision before I go with a Zink acrylic.


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    The Power hen is a little bit harder to get used to but once you do it is a great call, The xr2 is a more forgiving call. I like the sound of a double reed better, it is quieter but a good realistic sound. single reeds are louder for open water and you have a wider range of tones and volume.

    If you switch to a single reed you have to figure out how much air pressure you need to put thru it.

    Both are good choices, depending where and what you are hunting.

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      Both the XR-2 Paralyzer and Power Hen are great calls. The XR-2 is a double reed call that is pure mallard hen. The XR-2 comes with a great instructional tape (The Ancient Art of Paralyzing). Fred covers the operation of the XR-2, calling to ducks, and call maintenance. The Power Hen is a single reed. Just like the XR-2, the Power Hen is pure hen mallard. The Power Hen has more volume then the XR-2. The Power Hen has enough volume for hunting rivers and fields but can get low and nasty to work ducks in close. The Power Hen takes very little air to operate. This allows callers to easily string together notes for an extended calling sequence. My personal choice is the Power Hen. Whichever call you choose, you will have a great call that is backed by exceptional customer service. You can go to the link below and listen to sound files of both calls.

      I would go to your local Zink Dealer and test drive each call.


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        I'll 2nd Rusty. The Power Hen is great, when you get the hang of it. But i say that lightly because it doesnt take that long to find that sweet spot. And as far as single reeds go, its a whole lot duckier than most I've blown, and easier to blow. Thats the main reason it's the new #1 on my lanyard now. Its so easy to blow. Dont be afraid to break out of the double reed funk and get ya a single reed. I was a little hesitant at first, becasue i never blew it, i just ordered it. But i was very, very pleased when i first blew it.
        Good luck, let us know which one you get.



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          Put down another vote for the Power Hen single reed!! I used to blow nothing but doubble reeds untill recently I tried to change over to a single. It was different at first then I bought a Power Hen and MAN was this simple. This call blows very easy and is very ducky. A friend of mine that is a die hard doubble reeder even said that he was considering to change over. The range of souds that you can get out of a single compared to a double is twice as good.

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            Either call you choose you are going to end up with a pure duck call. The Power Hen is easy to blow and has a great Mallard Hen sound. It also has more volume than the XR-2. I Prefer the XR-2 which takes a little more air pressure than the Power Hen but still is a pure duck call. If you can, test drive the calls to see which one fits you best.